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Michelle Roetzer, Guest Chef at our June classes

Quick, easy, healthy recipes and meals

Local Organic Meals On A Budget classes are monthly demonstrations by local chefs on how to prepare meals using local and organic ingredients at a low cost. Each class is unique and self-contained with new recipes and tips.

Classes include a guest chef, volunteer assistants and approximately 55 attendees. The chef will demonstrate the preparation of a meal and share cooking tips and techniques, food and nutrient information. Handouts with the meal's recipes and other useful buying and source information are distributed to all attendees. At the end of the demonstration, class participants will have the opportunity to taste the meal and ask questions. Classes typically run approximately 90 minutes.

Classes will be held this season at Kitchen Angels

Chefs to be determined.

As we've done in our past classes, we’ll be demonstrating how to prepare simple, fast and easy meals, and share strategies on how to save money while buying locally and in season. If you've attended in the past, you know our classes are packed with tips and easy to follow recipes. These classes are meant to educate and inspire the chef within you!

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Class comments

  • "Wow! Really enjoyable!"
  • "Great teacher and stories!"
  • "Fun and informative!
  • "Thanks! It's great to see the searing and blanching, etc., rather than reading cookbook or seeing on TV."
  • "I like making Farmers' Market reasonable in price--loved the way you cut and blanched the veggies."
  • "The presenter was excellent! She packed a lot of info into a very entertaining session!"
  • "Fabulous and fun! Very informative!"



Local Organic Meals On A Budget classes are volunteer-run. This community enrichment project depends on people (like you!) who may be able to share your time, talents and energy to create a future class. We welcome all volunteers: from those who can demonstrate cooking a meal as a Head Chef, assistants for the classes, shoppers for price comparisons, to clean-up crew members, and help with other needs. Please contact us if you would be interested in becoming a part of this project. Thank you!