Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute Kitchen Angels About Local Organic Meals on a Budget

Kitchen Angels and the Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute have teamed up to present educational cooking classes to the community on how to cook local, organic meals on a budget.

Joining under the name of the Healthy Food Cooking Coalition of Santa Fe, this Santa Fe collaboration brings together the talents and resources of all four partners to put the focus on enjoying healthy, local food that is both delicious and affordable.

Representatives from each of the organizations, as well as community volunteers, form the core organizing committee.

presented by

Kitchen Angels, the Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute and Home Grown New Mexico

Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute Home Grown New Mexico Kitchen Angels Santa Fe School of Cooking

Low-cost cooking classes

Our cooking classes, which started in 2011, consist of a demonstration by a volunteer Santa Fe chef on how to prepare a meal using local and organic ingredients. Their challenge is to create a filling, healthy meal for a family of 4 that costs under $20. Recipes focus on simple, easy, and quick meal preparation and may include cooking extra food for another day’s meal.

The recipes can be halved for singles or couples, or doubled to feed larger families, or to provide more meals during the week. Attendees will receive recipes, cooking and shopping tips, options on where to purchase the ingredients for the meal, information on how much the entire meal costs to make, and the benefits of buying and eating local and organic food.

Class schedule & location

Cooking classes are not being offered this year. Check back in Spring 2016 for more news.


You’ve probably heard these before: “I can’t eat organic – it’s too expensive” or “Cooking takes too long” and “I don't like eating healthy, tasteless foods even if they're good for me.” Many people would like to include more organic and local foods in their meals, but feel it’s not within their budget. And cooking a meal takes time, which can be in short supply. Local Organic Meals on a Budget provides a solution: let us show you how to shop, prepare and enjoy delicious meals made with local and organic foods – for less! Eating organic and locally grown foods has a long list of benefits: it’s good for your health, for the planet and for the local economy. Our handouts will serve to educate participants on making healthier choices.

Our objective

This fun series of classes will help you create healthy, filling meals on a budget. We’ll be demonstrating how to prepare simple, fast and easy meals and show you where and how to shop to save money. Packed with tips and easy to follow recipes and ideas, these classes are meant to educate and inspire.

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