Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute Kitchen Angels Home Grown New Mexico 2013 schedule of cooking classes

  • Classes: Each 3rd Wednesday of the month, June through Dec. • 5:30 – 7:00 pm
  • Location: The Santa Fe School of Cooking, 125 North Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe
  • You must register in advance for each class. Class fees are non-refundable.
  • Please arrive 20 mins. early to sign in, enjoy an appetizer and to start class on time.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, presenters and topics may change without notice.

Tracy Ritter, Executive Chef and Culinary Director, The Santa Fe School of Cooking


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The Mediterranean Table:
One chicken, many healthy meals

with Tracy Pikhart Ritter

Executive Chef and Culinary Director
The Santa Fe School of Cooking

June 19th  •  $22  Includes tastings, recipes, raffle

Stretch one organic chicken into several spectacular meals with Chef Tracy's innovative recipes and ideas. She'll be showing us how to divide up the chicken and make a soup and pasta dish, among others, incorporating the flavors of the Mediterranean!

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Roland Richter, Chef & Restaurant Owner, Joe’s Dining


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Handmade Pizza with Garden Fresh Veggies: Local & Squisita!

with Roland & Sheila Richter

Chef & Restaurant Owners
Joe’s Dining

July 17th  •  $22  Includes tastings, recipes, raffle

The abundance of a summer garden brings a colorful array of tender, tasty herbs and vegetables to the table. Add them to a pizza made with local flour and topped with handmade mozzarella and you're in tastebud heaven!

Roland and Sheila will be demonstrating how to make pizza dough, the crust, and fiore di latte (fresh mozzarella) using techniques they've refined over many years in their restaurants. With New Mexico grown organic flour for the crust, fresh-made mozzarella, and toppings sourced from what is in season at that time, this will be a local, organic, and healthy treat!

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Chef Ryan Gabel


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Vegan? Gluten free?
How about just plain delicious!

with Ryan Gabel

Chef, The Palace Restaurant

August 21st  •  $22  Includes tastings, recipes, raffle

Arugula and beet salad. Gluten free vegan lasagna. Poached peaches with caramel. Are you hungry yet? Chef Ryan explores the many ways of cooking for people with food restrictions – without sacrificing flavor, enjoyment, or the contentment from a hearty, satisfying meal.

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Erin Wade, Chef & Restaurant Owner, Vinaigrette


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Veggies Gone Wild!
Re-Imagining Vegetable Dishes

with Erin Wade

Chef & Restaurant Owner

Sept. 18th  •  $22  Includes tastings, recipes, raffle

Are you in the Healthy Eating Doldrums? Break out of boring food routines and re-imagine how vegetables can sing and play in your dishes! Switch up how you think about cooking (or not cooking) them and turn your mom's veggie rules on their head. How about rambunctious raw turnips? Brilliantly braised green beans? A vibrant rainbow chard salad? With some unusual, punchy ingredients, unexpected cooking methods and freshened-up preparation techniques, you just might find yourself begging for some rollickin' rutabaga.

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Harry Shapiro & Peyton Young, Harry's Road House


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It's the Great Pumpkin Fest,
Charlie Brown!

with Harry Shapiro & Peyton Young

Chefs, Cookbook Authors & Restaurant Owners
Harry’s Roadhouse

Oct. 16th  •  $22  Includes tastings, recipes, raffle

Fresh pumpkins may be one of nature's most under appreciated culinary delicacies. Easy to roast and packed with vitamins and nutrients, this versatile fruit (really!) can be used in many ways to create truly special meals and tasty desserts.

In this class, Harry and Peyton will be creating an autumn pumpkin risotto for you to savor, along with moist pumpkin muffins perfect for chilly mornings or after dinner. And Peyton will be sharing her secrets for the Roadhouse's out of this world pumpkin pie!

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Andrew Cooper, Executive Chef, Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado


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A New Twist on Holiday Favorites
Turkey Day Timesavers, Tips & Treats

with Andrew Cooper

Executive Chef
Terra, Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado

Nov. 20th  •  $22  Includes tastings, recipes, raffle

A big supporter of farmers markets and local foods, Andrew incorporates seasonal offerings in his menus and culinary creations. In this class he'll be showing us some great twists on dishes for the holidays, including boned-out turkey, fast and easy cranberry sauce, plus all the holiday fixins!

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Danny Rhodes

Andrew Cooper, Executive Chef, Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado


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Raw & Saucy: Guys in the Kitchen!
Soups, sauces & tasty holiday treats

with Danny Rhodes & Matthew Sherrill

Dec. 18th  •  $22  Includes tastings, recipes, raffle

We've taken two culinary creatives and brought their different approaches together to explore the boundless territories of gluten free soups and sauces, and raw food meals and desserts. Danny and Matthew will show you how these two approaches to alternative meals can be just as delicious, satisfying and tasty as anything else you can cook in your kitchen. Just in time for the holidays, you'll learn tips and recipes for sauces and special dishes, along with a demo for New Mexican chocolate truffles!

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