Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute Kitchen Angels Home Grown New Mexico Class attendees' comments

About the classes...


"Excellent instructor!"

"Way better than I expected! And really, really fun!"

"Very informative – got many good tips"

"Great to see the searing/blanching/etc., rather than reading a cookbook or seeing it on TV"

"Thank you! Fun, informative and delicious."

"Loved and enjoyed it. My fiance and I are thinking about changing our date night!"

"Thank you, this class was about more than food – permaculture and sustainable philosophy, too."

"Fabulous and fun! Very informative"

"Keep up the good work!"

"Great teacher and stories!"

"Had no real idea of what to expect. Exceeded expectations!"

"Thank you sooo much. This is such a wonderful concept and this class specifically was great."

"Inexpensive, very friendly, unintimidating, the connection to Farmers Market was compelling"

"WOW! Yeah, really enjoyable!"


About the recipes...

"Soooooooo good!"

"Easy to follow and well explained"

"Loved them!"

"Yummy, easy, wonderful"

"Awesome, simple, delicious!"

"A nice change of food from what we normally use"

"Simple, easy, do-able"

"Light and refreshing"

"I'll definitely try out these recipes!"

"Yummmmm, delicious"

"User friendly – very tasty"