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LOMB Cooking class DVDs: $15 and fabulous!

Easy meals in 30 minutes!

If you can't attend cooking classes in person, we now have a selection of them to sell on DVD. These videos capture the informal yet informational class experience, with close-ups, recipes, and lots of useful tips from the chefs and class participants.

With 7 different classes to choose from, you're sure to find a topic that will inspire your cooking creativity and healthy eating habits. Great gifts!

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Cooking classes

Santa Fe cooking classes with local and organic ingredients

Santa Fe chefs teach you how to cook with local, seasonal foods – for less.

Cooking classes are not being offered this year. Check back in Spring 2016 for more news.

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Santa Fe cooking classes with local and organic ingredients

Local Organic Meals on a Budget serves up  educational information and resources for your health!

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Recipes & tips

Santa Fe cooking classes with local and organic ingredients

Find low cost, delicious meal ideas and learn how to save money on food.

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Seasonal recipes & tips you'll use

Our first class on June 1, 2011

Many people want to include more organic and local foods in their meals, but feel it’s not within their budget. With our website resources and class videos we’ll show you how to shop for and prepare delicious local, seasonal meals – for less!

Eating organic and locally grown foods has a long list of benefits: it’s good for your health, the planet and the local economy. Educate yourself so you can make healthier choices. Our cooking class videos consist of a cooking demonstration for a main dish, with ideas for suggested sides and desserts, along with recipes, useful information on where to buy ingredients locally, how to save money, nutritional facts, how to eat healthier and much more.



Kitchen Angels, the Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute and Home Grown New Mexico