Cooking Greens

Greens are in season right now. There are all types of greens, including salad and heavier greens like kale, swiss chard and collards that need a little cooking to have their flavor come out. Cooking greens is an easy way to have a side dish in a few minutes. It is also easy to learn.  Here are a few tips.

Tips for Greens

  • Greens are tender in salads or on your favorite sandwich with hummus and sprouts.  Greens that are grown organically will need a rinse in the sink right before you use them.  If you can’t eat them after harvesting or buying, keep them in a sealed container in your refrigerator for up to three days. Do not wash to store them.
  • Cook the greens that are heartier, such as kale, swiss chard and pak choi, bok choy and tatsoi.  The last three greens are Asian and will start to flower this month so June is a prime time to eat them before they wait until the cooler fall to be at the market again. These are still very delicate leaves so rinse them and chop them into long ribbons.  You could roll them into tube and then cut fine slices, also called chiffonade.  Heat the pan to a medium high heat and add a little almond oil or toasted sesame oil.  Add onions and garlic or saute the greens quickly.  One tip is to throw a handful of water on the greens and cover almost all of the way to steam the greens as they cook quickly.  Either add salt or tamari before serving.  Enjoy!

    Amy Hetager, Local Organic Meals on a Budget Blogger

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